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It’s November and My Feet Are Cold…Slipper Time!

I have a bit of a problem with slippers, in that I have a lot of them — or at least, I usually do. This winter I may actually have to buy myself a new pair. My sock-monkey slippers are finally ready to depart this mortal coil, after a few years of use. I’ve lost one of the slippers in the pair knit for me by one of my many great aunts — you know the ones, using yarn colours that never really match. And another pair with rubber soles met an unfortunate end at... Read More

Teal Cats Available Now! Welcome Litter No. 2

UPDATE: We are sold out! Thank you all! New campaign to come in January! The new litter is here for campaign number two! We’re back with a few changes but the same mission…to raise money for feral cats! This time, funds are going to Alley Cat Allies, read more about the new campaign here. So the things that are different: You can now choose what size you’d kitty you’d like. Trinket (around 2 inches), Mantle (3 to 7 inches) or Centerpiece (8 to 12 inches.)... Read More

Alley Cat Allies

We are so excited to announce our new campaign! Funds from Teal Cat sales will be going to a fabulous organization in Bethesda Maryland, Alley Cat Allies. You may recognize their name from National Feral Cat Day. This past October, they managed to bring together people in every state with activities that ranged from adoption, to low-cost spay and neuter to fundraisers to education and outreach. Feral Cat Day made a change in the lives of a whole lot of kitties. But it isn’t... Read More

Cat FAQ: Tips For While You’re Away

Hi everyone! “Cat FAQ” is a segment where the Teal Cat Community can answer all of your pressing catiquette questions. The first question is about my two cats, Bug & Banjo. Dear Teal Cat, I feel so guilty when I leave my cats alone when I go on vacation. Since my family lives on the opposite coast as me I travel throughout the year.  A nice neighbor will feed them twice a day and spend some time with them. I was wondering besides the usual (enough food/water/clean... Read More

An Etsy Round-up of Awesome Cat-Themed, Handmade Goods

I have something of a love/hate relationship with Etsy — well, to be more specific, I have a love relationship with the site, and my bank account is the hater. One aspect of the love is that Etsy is a cat-enthusiast’s friend. You can find awesome items for your cat, awesome items featuring cats, and awesome items that look like cats. Here are a few of my current favourites. Read More  Read More

DIY Ideas For Spoiled Kitties

Our cats are spoiled, spoiled beasts- and we love ’em. Here are a few more ways to spoil them with these killer diy cat projects… 1. Vintage cabinet into the perfect Cat Hutch from Recaptured Charm  –   I want to make one of these to hide our cat boxes and even have something nice to add to the house with some storage. Find the full DIY here.  2. Victorian Parlor Bed from a vintage suitcase-  Those fancy framed pictures kill me! From Brooklyn Limestone,... Read More

Cats On Film

Here are a few cat-related video things that have caught our eye this week! First up is some solid proof that kitties rule the internet. The NY Times article “Playtime With Cats, At Any Distance” had many of us playing with real kitties in real time, taking kitty videos to a whole new level. The Bideawee shelter in NYC has adapted technology that allows home users to maneuver a few kitty toys and see felines play right on their computer screens. This could mean not... Read More