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An Etsy Round-up of Awesome Cat-Themed, Handmade Goods

I have something of a love/hate relationship with Etsy — well, to be more specific, I have a love relationship with the site, and my bank account is the hater.

One aspect of the love is that Etsy is a cat-enthusiast’s friend. You can find awesome items for your cat, awesome items featuring cats, and awesome items that look like cats. Here are a few of my current favourites.

We can’t have your coffee getting cold — this sleeve will insulate your cup a bit, and also keep you from singeing your hands.

I need to find a child to purchase this delightful dress for. Think the seller would make a custom one in adult sizes?

How great are these Swedish-looking cats? They have no small parts so they’re perfect for kids, but they’re so stylish that they’d look awesome in any room.

Considering their small size, the detail on these buttons is impressive.

Here’s one for Movember — show the world how distinguished your cat is, and make it easier for Kitty to get home if lost.

Top image from Regretsy

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