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Teal Cat Plush Dolls Are Here!

With the ceramic cats from our first campaign finally out the door, we are offering these sweet and soft dolls to hold you over. Teal Cat Plush Dolls are about 12 inches tall, made from recycled fabrics and handsewn by Panda With Cookie. While each doll is unique, they all have an adorable teal bowtie so that you know they came from the Teal Cat family. We’re offering these dolls for a limited time only, so if you see one you love, snatch it up for the holidays! Surely... Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Declaw Your Cat

Not long ago, I visited family for dinner. Pretty much as soon as I was in their home, I beelined for their cat — Hope was a new addition to the household and I hadn’t yet met her. She’s fluffy and black and white, and very compact and pretty. She’s also, as I was informed, newly declawed: “You should do it to your cats too!” Finding this out kind of put a damper on the dinner for me. Read More  Read More

Teal Nail Project Wrap-up

Manicure from Scathingly Brilliant. Thank you to everyone who painted their nails for National Feral Cat Day! Whether you went for an elaborate manicure or a classic look, hopefully you were able to spread the word, raise awareness and have a little fun. We definitely had fun watching the pics roll in! Collage put together by Mel C And of course here at Teal Cat Headquarters there were teal nails aplenty! In fact, it’s getting difficult to keep the teal off of our nails. All... Read More

Cat Portraits by Heidi Blakeslee

One day in my Facebook feed, amongst the usual photos of weddings, sonograms, and home before-and-after shots, I noticed something different: sleek, stylized images of cats and dogs, from an old college friend of mine. This friend has always enjoyed creative pursuits, and I had been keeping up with her poetry readings and collage work in that vague way everyone “keeps up” with their friends on Facebook, but these images really caught my eye, so I clicked. Turns out, my friend... Read More

6 Tips To Prepare For Cat Trapping

Now that you have found The Teal Cat Project, you have probably become more aware of feral cats in your neighborhood or at work and are asking yourself  “How can I help these cats?” The answer is with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), and here are a few tips to help you get started. Survey the area Visit the location different times of the day, especially early mornings and at night, for a few days if possible. Count the cats that you see. Make note of any kittens, pregnant females,... Read More

The Teal Nail Project

Sunday October 16th is National Feral Cat Day! Thanks to amazing volunteers from around the country, there will be events in every state. From adoptions to spay and neuter to outreach, check out Alley Cat Alley’s calendar of events to see how you can get involved. Meanwhile at Teal Cat Headquarters, we’re making our own plans to pitch in, and we’d love for you to join us! It’s called the Teal Nail Project, and as you can probably guess, we’re asking... Read More

How to Get Your Cat to Scratch Something That’s Not Worth Hundreds of Dollars

From Suck UK There are a few reasons why cats have that need to scratch. For starters, it’s a way for them to mark their territory — cats have scent pads on their paws, and they leave their smell behind when they scratch. Scratching also just makes your cats happy — it gives them an awesome stretch and works their muscles. It’s kitty calisthenics! When you’re picking out a post for your cat, think gritty over pretty, like corrugated cardboard and... Read More