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Teal Cats Available Now! Welcome Litter No. 2

UPDATE: We are sold out! Thank you all! New campaign to come in January!

The new litter is here for campaign number two! We’re back with a few changes but the same mission…to raise money for feral cats! This time, funds are going to Alley Cat Allies, read more about the new campaign here.

So the things that are different: You can now choose what size you’d kitty you’d like. Trinket (around 2 inches), Mantle (3 to 7 inches) or Centerpiece (8 to 12 inches.) And because it didn’t really make sense for a 2 inch cat to cost the same as a 10 inch cat, we’ve adjusted the prices. Kitties will range from $25 to $40. We’ve also adjusted shipping so that it costs less for the smaller kitties and shipping will be combined when delivering to one address.

Another change is the shade of teal. We’ve switched to what we think is a truer teal, so if you have a cat from the first campaign, they may not completely match.

Also please note: all Teal Cats come with a little card (think of it as an adoption certificate) that explains the Teal Cat Project mission, so if these are gifts your recipient will not be left in the dark. We’d be happy to write a short, personalized note if you ask for it in the comments when you purchase your Teal Cat.

Okay, now hurry up and get your cats before they’re gone. Thank mew so much!

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  1. rose wignall says:

    they deserve help!!!

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