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Cat FAQ: Tips For While You’re Away

Hi everyone! “Cat FAQ” is a segment where the Teal Cat Community can answer all of your pressing catiquette questions. The first question is about my two cats, Bug & Banjo.

Dear Teal Cat,

I feel so guilty when I leave my cats alone when I go on vacation. Since my family lives on the opposite coast as me I travel throughout the year.  A nice neighbor will feed them twice a day and spend some time with them. I was wondering besides the usual (enough food/water/clean litter) what else could I do to help the cats be more comfortable?


Here are some ideas….

+ Leave things in the house as if you were returning later that evening. How do you have things when you’re home. ie, do you have the radio on all day, the lights, which lights on, toys, etc.?

+ Isa says… My answer would be that I put the cat beds on the couch where I usually sit, so that they can be fooled into thinking it’s a lap. Also, leave treats for your cat sitter to get them more excited about playing with the kitties.

+  Amber says… I actually put out more litter boxes and water bowls when I go out of town, because although I know someone is checking them twice a day, I get nervous about it. and I leave a light on in the kitchen, and actually separate some of my cats that pick on each other since im not home to monitor them. I dont want someone getting beat up while im away. And, since I rent, I leave a note on the door that says cats inside do not enter, because I dont want the maintenance people going in for something stupid and letting my cats out.

+ Have a bunch of friends help to make it easier for them. Email a list of days that you’ll be gone to a group of friends.  Each person can sign up for a shift. You can leave a key in a hiding place, so each person can come whenever to help.

+ Hide your luggage to put off the cats from getting angry (they figure it out, though).

So what do you do when you leave your furry ones?

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