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Cat FAQ: Introducing Your Cat To New Food

What to do if cats are refusing to eat

Let’s face it. Cats are picky, finicky little eaters. Well, they’re picky and finicky about everything, really. Don’t get me started on litter boxes. When it comes to food, however, there are lots of hits and misses (and hisses, too). There will come a time(s) when your cat simply does not want to eat the […]

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Cat FAQ: Welcoming A New Cat

So eventually, like the rest of the cat crazy world, you want to bring home another feline to add to your menagerie. You have an existing cat or seven, and you found this stray cat that is so cute and friendly,  you’re just dying to include in your cat clique. But how do you do […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Declaw Your Cat

Not long ago, I visited family for dinner. Pretty much as soon as I was in their home, I beelined for their cat — Hope was a new addition to the household and I hadn’t yet met her. She’s fluffy and black and white, and very compact and pretty. She’s also, as I was informed, […]

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How to Get Your Cat to Scratch Something That’s Not Worth Hundreds of Dollars

There are a few reasons why cats have that need to scratch. For starters, it’s a way for them to mark their territory — cats have scent pads on their paws, and they leave their smell behind when they scratch. Scratching also just makes your cats happy — it gives them an awesome stretch and […]

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