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Cat FAQ: Welcoming A New Cat

So eventually, like the rest of the cat crazy world, you want to bring home another feline to add to your menagerie. You have an existing cat or seven, and you found this stray cat that is so cute and friendly,  you’re just dying to include in your cat clique. But how do you do this without teeth and nails and blood and hurt feelings? Well, alright. So maybe you’ve only got one cat, and you would like to have two. That’s simple. Before you bring New Cat home,... Read More

Teal Cat Cut-Cut Out Cards, Get Your Paws On ‘Em

\ We have some really cute cards for the holidays and beyond! These cards are lovingly handcrafter by Chirp Cards in Portland, OR. Yes, she cuts out every single one of those little tiny hearts. The things people won’t do for kittehs! Proceeds from the cards will go to House Of Dreams shelter, a wonderful organization also from Portland, OR. Visit their website to learn more. Another wonderful holiday gift might be to sponsor a kitty for someone. Perhaps someone like me... Read More

Oskar The Blind Kitteh

If ever you are having a bad day, just remember Oskar a little blind cat exists in the world…. Since its the season of giving and gratitude it’s nice to remember how lucky we are, how much we take for granted and that little things make life better. For me one of those little things is just loving on my cats. Thank you Oskar for reminding me how good I got it….  Read More