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Cats On Film

Here are a few cat-related video things that have caught our eye this week! First up is some solid proof that kitties rule the internet. The NY Times article “Playtime With Cats, At Any Distance” had many of us playing with real kitties in real time, taking kitty videos to a whole new level. The Bideawee shelter in NYC has adapted technology that allows home users to maneuver a few kitty toys and see felines play right on their computer screens. This could mean not only an increase in “squees,” but also an increase in visibility for shelters that will hopefully lead to an increase in donations and adoptions. Which could lead to…

…an increase in cat litter sales! Last year a photo of Misfit and sometimes badass Glen Danzig carrying home a heavy box of cat litter with his Glen Danzig muscles was posted all over my Facebook wall and yours. And there is now a “Mother” video, featuring many meows and much cat litter. I don’t know; cats, Danzig… I guess it’s supposed to be humiliating but I just think it’s cute.

Now on to something way more touching! Catsparella posted a video of a little boy reuniting with his missing kitty. There were some serious waterworks over at Teal Cat Headquarters over this one. You can’t help but think of your own childhood kitty and get a little misty eyed.

And finally, Halloween was probably invented by cats. So here are a few Halloween related kitty viddies:

This kitty’s reaction to Halloween accoutrement ranges from non-plussed to playful in equal measures of adorable.

And if your favorite part of horror movies is when the cat jumps out of nowhere and scares the babysitter, then you can’t miss Funny Or Die’s homage to the Cat Thrower.

Finally, since your brought it up, I know it’s not a video but how can I not post Teal Cat Project Headquarters kitty cat Halloween costumes!

And that has been this week in kitty videos! Have you seen anything adorable lately? Let us know!

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