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Teal Cat Project Farewell Campaign

It’s been awhile! We have some good news and we have some bad news. The bad news: as the title indicates, this will be our final campaign. The good news: it’s a big one! This project has been such a joy for us over the past 3 years. We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars […]

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The Teal Cat Project For Animal Welfare Association!

The Autumn litter is here, and this time, we’ll be supporting Joisey! We are so pleased to announce that proceeds from this campaign will go to Animal Welfare Association, South Jersey’s largest and oldest no-kill animal shelter! Over the years, members of the AWA have been soooo supportive of The Teal Cat Project, sending us […]

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The Teal Cat Project For Treehouse Cats!

The Spring litter is here, and this time, we’ll be supporting Chi-town! We are so pleased to announce that proceeds from this campaign will go to Treehouse Humane Society. Treehouse does it all: adoption, vetirenary care, TNR…they work tirelessly for the felines. And we love that they specialize in in the rescue and rehabilitation of […]

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Teal Cats For Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund

We wouldn’t put a litter up for adoption on election day unless it was quite urgent, and this is! Campaign number six is raising funds for Neighborhood Cats and their Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund. The Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund will provide food for kitty colonies, winter shelters to replace those lost in the […]

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The Summer Teal Cat Campaign is here! For Omaha, Nebraska!

Teal Cats

The new litter is here, and they’re ready for the heat, wearing nothing but a tag and a little sunny, summer charm. For campaign number five, we’re helping one of our favorite kitty rescue groups, TCP headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska! Money raised will go to Feline Friendz, an amazing organization that works tirelessly for the kitty […]

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Your Teal Cat Dollars At Work

I received the best email from the San Francisco SPCA yesterday and I wanted to share it with everyone so that you can see how much your support is helping. I hope it gives you as many warm fuzzies as it did me. Laura Gretch is the Community Cares manager at the SFSCPA, and she […]

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SFSPCA Community Cats

We are so impressed with all the work that the SFSPCA does for feral cats, and so pleased to be supporting them through Teal Cat Project! Since 1993, the San Francisco SPCA’s Community Cats Program has teamed up with dedicated volunteers to control, monitor, feed and provide veterinary care to feral and free roaming cats […]

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Alley Cat Allies

We are so excited to announce our new campaign! Funds from Teal Cat sales will be going to a fabulous organization in Bethesda Maryland, Alley Cat Allies. You may recognize their name from National Feral Cat Day. This past October, they managed to bring together people in every state with activities that ranged from adoption, […]

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NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Our first campaign starts off in NYC. It’s my hometown, and where two of my kitties are from. It’s one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and that goes for the feral kitty population, too. 100% of your donations will go to NYC Feral Cat Initiative. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative program […]

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