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Big Purrin’ Up In NYC

There’s never been a shortage of cats online, but Tumblr really took things to a new level. You’ve got Dreamcats, kittenskittenskittens, Miezekatzen, Fuck Yeah Felines…I could go on. And on. Even with all of that kitty-related content to consider, I still think that this Tumblr, Kitties and Bullshit, deserves a mention here for its special achievements in combining illustration, cats and song lyrics. Read More  Read More

Cat Fashion From Pretty Snake

What’s upcycled, teal, and has cats all over it? No, not Teal Cat Project (okay, that too)—it’s a super-cool cat sweater from Pretty Snake! Ever since I first spotted these amazing sweaters at Honey Kennedy, I’ve been obsessed. They just seem like the perfect gift for the crazy cat lady in your life (um, even if that’s yourself!), right down to the 3D eyes. They’re looking right into your soul! Pretty Snake has kitty-print t-shirts and tank tops,... Read More

Teal Cat Project Looking For Bloggers

Momentum is building over at Teal Cat Project, and we think it’s time to add an elite cadre of bloggers to the Teal Cat Team. We’re looking for writers to post twice a month, or more if you like. We’re a volunteer project, so there’s no pay, but there will be a few perks! Please send a few writing samples (from print or web), and an idea of what you’d like to write about. We’re looking for posts that are compatible with the Teal Cat Project mission, so anything crafty,... Read More

We’ve Got Teal Cat Project T-shirts

As if our mascot Meowmy isn’t busy enough already, he’s now on his very own T-shirt. Super soft and comfy heather-black T-shirts in Unisex and Women’s cuts. 100% of the proceeds go towards Teal Cat Project, but we won’t be spending it on martini lunches. We’ll use that money to procure more ceramic cats and supplies, and raise more money for the kitties. Our goal is a simple one…to hug all the cats. And these t-shirts will make you even more... Read More

Some Good News & Some Bad News: We’re Sold Out

Well, that was fast. Over 200 teal cats were scooped up in under 48 hours. We were assuming it would take a month to reach that goal, so things are moving much quicker than expected! We haven’t tallied up the money raised just yet, but we’ll announce it as soon as we do. And please be patient as we get all the teal cats sent out, it could take 2 to 4 weeks. We’re incredibly excited to get them into your hands and onto your mantles! So what’s next? Well,... Read More

NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Our first campaign starts off in NYC. It’s my hometown, and where two of my kitties are from. It’s one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and that goes for the feral kitty population, too. 100% of your donations will go to NYC Feral Cat Initiative. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative program provides TNR Caretaker Training Workshops in all five boroughs, hands-on assistance at TNR projects in all boroughs, and provides rescuers with much needed transportation... Read More