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Teal Cats For Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund

Teal Cats

We wouldn’t put a litter up for adoption on election day unless it was quite urgent, and this is! Campaign number six is raising funds for Neighborhood Cats and their Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund. The Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund will provide food for kitty colonies, winter shelters to replace those lost in the storm, new feeding stations and other equipment and veterinary care to treat injury or illness resulting from the hurricane. We at the Teal Cat Project are extremely grateful for the work they are doing and can’t wait to support their mission! We’re determined to raise more cash than ever, so we’ve added more Teal Cats and opened up shipping to Canada. You can order yours now!

Neighborhood Cats has been helping New York City’s feral cats since 1999. They’ve trained over 4,500 caretakers to date. In fact, we at Teal Cat Headquarters can be counted among those numbers. In addition to medical care for the kitties and equipment for caretakers, what we love about Neighborhood Cats is the amount of helpful into they provide for anyone who wants to help out. We are sure that this article on emergency winter shelter will help protect felines from harsh weather in the coming months.

In case you’re new here, a little info for ya’. You can choose what size kitty you’d like; the choices are Trinket $25 (around 2 to 3 inches), Mantle $32 (4 to 7 inches) or Centerpiece $40 (8 to 12 inches.) Read more about Teal Cats here. We do combine shipping so don’t hold back on ordering more than one. Throw in a T-shirt, or a holiday ornament, too! Shipping may take 2 to 4 weeks, so be patient, your new friend is coming!

All Teal Cats come with a little card (think of it as an adoption certificate) that explains the Teal Cat Project mission, so if these are gifts your recipient will not be left in the dark. We’d be happy to write a short, personalized note if you ask for it in the comments when you purchase your Teal Cat.

Cats sell out FAST so hurry up and get yours. Thank mew for the support!

3 Responses to “Teal Cats For Hurricane Sandy Feral Relief Fund”
  1. IHAVECAT says:

    aaargh i missed out again! wah!

  2. Ms. Phoebe says:

    I was able to buy my Mom a Teal Cat, she will be so excited when it arrives! I won’t get in any trouble for using her card to shop online this time. I don’t know what the big deal was about ordering a few cat beds, treats, toys, crates of Albacore, etc anyway… Mewmew!

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