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Who we are

Where did the Teal Cat Project come from?

Well, we love thrifting and crafting. On an outing to scour Omaha’s many thrift stores for kitty cat tchotchkes to use as centerpieces for a fundraiser (guess what, it was a fundraiser for cats!), we thought of selling the centerpieces to raise a little extra cash. And then we thought it would be a good idea if we could make the kitties just a little bit cooler in some way. And then somehow, in a fevered dream, it all made sense. We spray paint them. Teal is cool. We make each one collectible, like a Cabbage Patch Kid. The kids go crazy. We give all the money to cat rescue groups. This is who we are.

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the author of a bunch of vegan cookbooks. Originally from Brooklyn NY, she currently resides in Omaha Nebraska with her boyfriend, 3 cats and a gazillion backyard birds. You can find her cooking and writing at

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been a cat person. As a small child, one of my first memories is of my father bringing home a tiny kitten in a paper bag, and naming her Cupcake. As I approached my teen years, I remember wondering why hugging a person was never as easy as hugging a cat. Is it any wonder I grew up to be a socially dysfunctional, cat-loving, cupcake maker?

“Of course, eventually I realized that all was not well in kitty world. These same animals who we pet and coddle and treat like royalty (no matter how they treat us!) lead harrowing lives on the street. For every kitty curled up on our laps, there are a handful out there fighting disease, danger and starvation. I guess it’s kind of my mission in life to save all the kitties, and this seems like a great way to help.”

Anna Dorfman is a graphic designer and home nonsense blogger at Door Sixteen. She and her husband and their two awesome dogs divide their time between New York City and beautiful Newburgh, NY.

“I’ve always been an animal person, and after years of rescuing ferrets, organizing rehoming efforts for pet rats, and using up a lot of bottles of Nature’s Miracle, I find I have a respect for my furry friends that frankly makes me feel a little embarrassed to walk on two legs.

“I may share my home with dogs now, but I grew up with cats—and I still love them now. My husband is allergic to kitties so we can’t bring any strays into our house, but being a part of Teal Cat Project gives me an opportunity to help out in a different way.”

Leigh Ellis is a recent graduate of American University. She decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the District and spend her “year off” in her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. When she’s not working as marketing coordinator for Omaha Creative Institute, attending to her mischievous sibling kittens Annie and Peanut Butter, or fiendishly filling out law school applications, she’s de-stressing by using her paint gun expertise at TCP.

“I have always loved and adored my furry, friendly, feline companions; a world without cats would be nothing short of a cat-tastrophie. Peanut Butter and Annie are a major part of my everyday life and my interactions with them have reiterated the importance of patience, kindness and compassion.

“Time spent with PB & A has not only made me a happier person but it has also taught me which Instagram filters are most complimentary to coats and exactly how many photos of them I can upload before I reach #crazycatlady status.”

John McDevitt is an Omaha native, the founder of Vegan Omaha, and really handy with a tape gun. You can find him sampling all kinds of vegan goodies on his blog, The Laziest Vegans In The World

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been a cat person. Growing up with Rocky (a chubby black and white kitty) and Rocket (a skinny black and white kitty) I realized cats were cooler than people. In a perfect world, every kitty would be loved and taken care of. If I can do anything to help kitties, I will.

“I love the fact that The Teal Cat Project supports cats in different cities, while spreading awareness. It’s hard to walk into a shelter and not want to take home each cat, but at least we can pitch-in in some small way.”