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Teal Cat Project Valentine’s Sampler From OCD Sweets!


Are you in the mood for love? Of course you are! And do you love cats? Of course you do! Well now — finally — you can combine the two, with The Teal Cat Project Valentine’s Sampler from Obsessive Confection Disorder!

A sumptuous box of handcrafted confections sure to tug the heartstrings and tastebuds of the cat lover in your life. Or maybe that cat lover is you!

In the box: 2 Rose Petal Caramels With Gold Leaf (ooh lala!), 2 Mel’s Way Candy Bars wrapped in teal foil (they’re like Milky Ways, oh my!), 2 Love Bomb Lollies (salted caramel dipped in chocolate!), and 4 Love Nips which are (deep breath): lavender mint shortbread Meowmies with chocolate whiskers AND vanilla beans shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate. Everything is made from high quality, vegan ingredients. A finer box of yumminess there is not. And it’s all wrapped up in a compostable box, complete with teal ribbon. Perfect for gifting!

Valentine’s boxes are $23 plus $6 shipping. If you order more than one, shipping goes down to $8 for as many boxes as you want. OCD also will combine shipping with their other wonderful products. All proceeds go to the Teal Cat Project, to keep us in teal cats, so we can help more real cats!

Thanks so much to Mel at Obsessive Confection Disorder for lending her culinary prowess to the cause. And we’d also like thank: Vanessa Rees for the stunning photography, Kate Echle for the product styling and the wonderful folks at Farm Sanctuary for helping to package all of the treats! It takes a village, right? Or a bunch of awesome people all over the country that really, really love cats.

Order The Teal Cat Project Valentine’s Sampler here. There is a limited amount available, so grab yours like ASAP. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

9 Responses to “Teal Cat Project Valentine’s Sampler From OCD Sweets!”
  1. Vanessa says:

    So delicious! Thanks for the shout out. xo

  2. Fada says:

    Hello, where can I find the list of ingredients please? Thanks

    • IsaChandra says:

      Here you go!

      Mel’s Way
      (is there any other?)
      coconut milk, evap cane juice, agave nectar, Sweet & Sara Vanilla Marshmallows, bittersweet chocolate

      Love Nips
      (Heart & Kitty Cookies)
      rice flour, sorghum flour,
      turbinado sugar, vegan margarine, organic mint, organic lavender,
      bittersweet chocolate

      Love Bomb Lolly
      evaporated cane juice, coconut butter, Jameson’s Irish Whisky, vanilla bean, bittersweet
      chocolate, sea salt

      Rose Petal Caramel
      w/bittersweet chocolate
      coconut milk, evap cane juice, agave nectar, fresh rose petals,
      fresh orange zest, plums, bittersweet chocolate

  3. Katie says:

    This looks amazing!! Is shipping to Canada an option??

  4. babette says:

    Do you ship to Canada?

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