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Big Purrin’ Up In NYC

There’s never been a shortage of cats online, but Tumblr really took things to a new level. You’ve got Dreamcats, kittenskittenskittens, Miezekatzen, Fuck Yeah Felines…I could go on. And on. Even with all of that kitty-related content to consider, I still think that this Tumblr, Kitties and Bullshit, deserves a mention here for its special achievements in combining illustration, cats and song lyrics.

Here’s how it works: Suggest a song lyric, and it could be turned into an illustration that represents it — but with the words changed to be about cats. Simple but genius.

Brooklyn-based illustrator Sofia Falcon is behind Kitties and Bullshit. From the looks of the convos on the Tumblr, there may be K&B tshirts in the works. Let’s hope she gets on that stat.

One Response to “Big Purrin’ Up In NYC”
  1. Sara Suman says:

    Please let me know when these become t-shirts, especially the milkshake one! Thanks! These are awesome!


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