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We’ve Got Teal Cat Project T-shirts

As if our mascot Meowmy isn’t busy enough already, he’s now on his very own T-shirt.

Super soft and comfy heather-black T-shirts in Unisex and Women’s cuts. 100% of the proceeds go towards Teal Cat Project, but we won’t be spending it on martini lunches. We’ll use that money to procure more ceramic cats and supplies, and raise more money for the kitties.

Our goal is a simple one…to hug all the cats. And these t-shirts will make you even more comfy while doing it. Shirts are $24 + $4 shipping. US only, though. Please visit the store to purchase your tee!

2 Responses to “We’ve Got Teal Cat Project T-shirts”
  1. V says:

    Please think about international shipping!

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  1. […] Cookbook Author/Post Punk Kitchen Queen & Awesome-sauce Expert Isa Chandra Moskowitz& team launched their Teal Cat Project! Anyone who lived anywhere near Brooklyn knows that feral and homeless cats need our help now and this project is a clever and compassionate way to help cats and get an adorable tchotchkes in the process! We have already ordered ours! They already sold out of the first batch but more cats are promised and there are shirts to hold you over till then! […]

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