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Teal Cat Project Looking For Bloggers

Momentum is building over at Teal Cat Project, and we think it’s time to add an elite cadre of bloggers to the Teal Cat Team. We’re looking for writers to post twice a month, or more if you like. We’re a volunteer project, so there’s no pay, but there will be a few perks!

Please send a few writing samples (from print or web), and an idea of what you’d like to write about. We’re looking for posts that are compatible with the Teal Cat Project mission, so anything crafty, cat rescue related, or cats being adorable, is fair game. And obviously all three things would be magic.

I’ve listed a few things below, and they are just ideas of how things might work, but definitely send your thoughts and ideas if you think you can contribute something that isn’t mentioned.

What we’re looking for:

Crafts & style editor – Style tips, crafting tips, or just plain old finds. We’re looking for someone who knows a little about how to make a bookshelf look just so, and how to turn a dusty old thing into a shiny new object. Decorating, knitting, sewing, upcycling and just having a great eye…if those things describe you, contact us!

TNR expert:
We’d love to have a TNR volunteer let everyone know what’s going on out there on the streets! If you’ve got your ear to the streets and can pass that info on to those of us who aren’t, then you’re our cat. Everything from day-to-day rescue, to legislation, would be your domain. We’re not necessarily looking for a Bob Woodward here, just someone with heart and experience.

Cute specialist:
If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of cuteness, we need you! This project is all about love, and if you can find that love among the millions of photos of kitties, then we need you!

Send writing samples and a little bit about yourself to

Thanks for your support!

8 Responses to “Teal Cat Project Looking For Bloggers”
  1. Megan Koabel says:

    I shared this on FB, I know a few people who like to write- hopefully they’ll check it out!

  2. Gin says:

    I am interested in blogging about TNR…I do it here in New Orleans (where the strays have been outta control since Katrina) and in fact it is how I got my kitten who’s picture you see splashed all over my fb. I didn’t see where I send writing samples into. Can you please let me know?


  3. Josie Marrero says:

    I am deeply entrenched in TNR in Brooklyn. We have one colony with 50 cats as of June and there are at least 4 like that in our area. Through collaboration and just networking with other rescuers; tnr people and cat lovers in the communities we are aware of the need for tnr in empty lots; by the beach; in back yards; in construction sites and in places where you would not believe a cat could exist!

    TNR brings with it abandoned cats, throwaway cats and orphan kittens. You need lots of support from friends; Facebook friends and anywhere you can get it for bottle feeding and fostering. This is a very busy year so I have to keep this message brief.

    Hope to hear from you at some point!

  4. Amber says:

    I just sent you an email. I am VERY interested in this. I am a Crazy Vegan Cat Lady, who traps for TNR on an almost weekly basis. I also volunteer at our local Spay Day clinics where we spay/neuter about 100 feral cats each month. And I blog about cats, food, crafts, etc. I love this project that you are doing. It is an awesome idea to raise much needed money for homeless kitties. I can’t wait to get my Teal Cat to proudly display in my home. =^.^=

  5. Leigh says:

    As for the cuteness blogger – well, i guess i can go twice a month time wise – but my stories will vary wildly in length and will probably include a dog too. I have 3 cats inside and 2 outside (tipped) and a dog that LOVES cats. I have never promised to write for anything and I fear dissapointing you – what about a “guest blogger” to start off? Perhaps my dog can pitch in?

  6. Sandi says:

    Hi! I’ve been Tnring for a few years and have a great network of advocates I can “speak” for. I also have an arsenal of great cat photos as I am a amatuer photographer and professional cat lover/advocate. Love to help get the work out there!

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