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We’re GROWING! 5 Ways To Support The Teal Cat Project

It’s a whole new year for the Teal Cat Project and we have big plans for 2012! Of course we’re going to keep partnering with TNR organizations across the country for Teal Cat campaigns. And we’ve also got a few more tricks up our sleeves, some that go beyond teal and even a few things that go beyond cats. It’s going to be exciting times so stay connected!

Reflecting back on the Teal Cat Project’s beginnings, I had no idea what I was in for. After spray painting a couple of cats I naively thought, “Oh no sweat, this will be easy!” But when the orders started rolling in and I needed to paint hundreds of cats, the panic set in. I’d look at the order list and back to my little table of ceramic kitties and wonder if I should just end it and refund the money because there was just no way.

But obviously there was a way, and we’re still going strong. After three successful campaigns and over $10,000 raised, The Teal Cat Project is definitely here to stay. In fact, this year we would like to register as a non-profit so that we can be even more effective.

But as anyone who has ever watched a caricature of a rich person on an 80s sitcom should know, you gotta’ spend money to make money! And since we’re making money for such a great cause, we think it’s worth it. Because we are now renting space, taking on an employee, and registering as a non-profit, we need to raise cash to cover these costs while still being able to donate thousands of dollars to kitty rescue groups.

So how can you support the Teal Cat Project? We’ve come up with some pretty creative and hopefully unobtrusive ways to help. There’s something for everyone here, so please do what you can!

1) Buy a T-shirt in our store! They’re cute and comfy.

2) If you use Amazon, use this referral link to purchase stuff. We use the Amazon credit to purchase much needed supplies, like fabric scissors and shipping materials.

3) Send us cats. If you can’t afford to ship them, we may be able to arrange to pay for shipping.

4) Help spread the word! Link to us on Twitter and Facebook. If you have a blog, write about us. This one is really important. If our web traffic gets better, then we can get more advertizing. Plus, the more publicity we get, the more money we can raise. We’re also looking for one big media hit to put us over the top, so if you have connections to the Ellen Show or an in at Boing Boing, hook us up! If you’d like a banner for your site, you can find them here.

5) Buy an ad! Ads are $100 a month with a 3 month minimum. One ad almost pays our rent for a month.

Thank you all so much for your support! It means the world to us. We can not WAIT to share our next steps with you. MWAH!

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  1. doe mora says:

    if you become a nonprofit, would that men our purchases, or a portion, thereof, would be tax deductible? as per our accountant blah blah…

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