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Donate a tchotchke

The Teal Cat Project without cat tchotchkes is just two girls sitting around, twiddling their thumbs and being fabulous. We need your cats! But please read the requirements thoroughly so that you’re sure to be sending the cats to their correct homes.

1) Cats must be made out of ceramic or porcelain. That means: No resin, no wood, no plastic, no glass.

2) Cats must be vintage. Please don’t visit your local 99 cents store to get a load of cats. Part of the project is to use the kitties that are already out there in the world, not to create more. Just as we are against breeding cats while so many are in need of homes, we are against creating new products for landfills. Reduce, reuse, upcycle!

3) Cats should be single cats, and not salt shakers or candlestick holders. There are some exceptions to this, but as a rule, please only send single cats that are purely decorative. Planters, salt shakers, candlestick holders and other functional kitties don’t always work, and groups of kitties generally don’t work, either.

4) Cats should not be over 5 bucks. If your kitty is valuable, please keep it on your shelf! We’re looking for cats that need a little love, and we’re certainly not looking to paint over heirlooms.

5) Cats should be between 3 and 12 inches. Any smaller and the tag won’t fit, any bigger and we’re moving into furniture territory.

6) Pack your kitties well. We can only get your kitty adopted if it comes to us in one piece! Pack well and keep your kitty safe.

7) If you’re not sure, send us a pic! We’re glad to look over your kitty and let you know if it will work. Email:

Thank you so much for reading this over and even considering sending us your kitties. We do so appreciate it!

Please send cats to:

Teal Cat Project
PO Box 6239
Omaha NE 68106