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Teal Cat Cut-Cut Out Cards, Get Your Paws On ‘Em

We have some really cute cards for the holidays and beyond! These cards are lovingly handcrafter by Chirp Cards in Portland, OR. Yes, she cuts out every single one of those little tiny hearts. The things people won’t do for kittehs!

Proceeds from the cards will go to House Of Dreams shelter, a wonderful organization also from Portland, OR. Visit their website to learn more. Another wonderful holiday gift might be to sponsor a kitty for someone. Perhaps someone like me who isn’t able to take in any more kitties, but wants to. Really really really wants to. But enough about me….

Go ahead and grab some cards. We’re selling them as a 3-pack for $12. If you make a donation or order a T-shirt, shipping is free! Otherwise it’s a measly 2 bucks. Supplies are limited so get yours like ASAP.

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