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Oskar The Blind Kitteh

If ever you are having a bad day, just remember Oskar a little blind cat exists in the world….

Since its the season of giving and gratitude it’s nice to remember how lucky we are, how much we take for granted and that little things make life better. For me one of those little things is just loving on my cats. Thank you Oskar for reminding me how good I got it….

2 Responses to “Oskar The Blind Kitteh”
  1. Miki says:

    Awe, I got teary eyed after watching the videos and reading the text! You have such a kind soul and Oskar is the cutest! I SO wanna pet him and hug him :P. And I’d love to see how well him and Kalus get along now! 😀

    Hope you and your kitties have a great weekend! ;D


  2. Stephen Lukas says:

    OK… had to brace myself not to tear up watching this video. Thank you for posting it – and thank you very much to the kind hearts that adopted this wonderful little boy. Happy New Year to Oskar, Klaus and their human family…

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