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How to Get Your Cat to Scratch Something That’s Not Worth Hundreds of Dollars

From Suck UK

There are a few reasons why cats have that need to scratch. For starters, it’s a way for them to mark their territory — cats have scent pads on their paws, and they leave their smell behind when they scratch. Scratching also just makes your cats happy — it gives them an awesome stretch and works their muscles. It’s kitty calisthenics!

When you’re picking out a post for your cat, think gritty over pretty, like corrugated cardboard and sisal rope. Select something that’s either tall enough or long enough for your cat to extend his or her whole body. Also make sure the scratching surface is steady — your cat might never go back to a post that toppled over.

How can you get your cat to use the post once you’ve picked up a great one? Keep it somewhere where your cat likes to hang out and associate the scratcher with awesomeness — play with your cat by it, put treats on it, rub catnip on it.

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