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Tabby Toffees By Lagusta’s Luscious

Ever enjoyed a box of chocolates and wondered why, if they taste so good, the entire world isn’t becoming a better place with each bite? Well now it is, thanks to Lagusta’s Luscious, an amazing chocolate shop in New Paltz, New York. Proprietress Lagusta Umami runs her shop with a passionate commitment to food justice: all of the ingredients she uses are fair-trade, organic and vegan. Oh, and I should mention that they’re also deeply and lusciously deliciously.

Lagusta is dedicating her Chocolate of the Month to the Teal Cat Project. Introducing Tabby Toffees! I’ll let the chocolatier herself describe them.

“A smooth and creamy milk chocolate ganache studded with crunchy toffee pieces, finished with a swirl of butterscotch and encased in a thin dark chocolate shell. 100% vegan, organic, fair-trade, and handmade in our little New Paltz, NY shop. Each box also includes three solid dark chocolate Blue Birds of Happiness, with wings painted with all-natural organic food coloring derived from blueberries. ”

For each box of chocolates purchased, $10 will be going to The Teal Cat Project so that we can continue to raise money for feral cats across the country.

So let’s recap: eat delicious chocolate, support an amazing small business and an amazing cause. Need I say more? Purchase your Tabby Toffees today! They’re available for a limited time only, so pick up a couple for Easter gifts or, you know, whenever gifts. Thanks for your support!

Your Teal Cat Dollars At Work

I received the best email from the San Francisco SPCA yesterday and I wanted to share it with everyone so that you can see how much your support is helping. I hope it gives you as many warm fuzzies as it did me. Laura Gretch is the Community Cares manager at the SFSCPA, and she wrote:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for the Community Cats Program and for the SF SPCA. We’re so thankful, and humbled that you picked us for the latest Teal Cat Campaign. Thrilled is the word for how much was raised in such a short period of time. It truly is a testament to how dedicated to your cause you are, and how your fans respond with such gusto!

With your generous gift, we were able to purchase some new traps – desperately needed to meet the growing demand. Now that we’ve been able to add to our inventory, our volunteers can take on more trapping projects simultaneously, which means more feral cats spaneutered, more lives saved, and more goodwill spread. Onward to ending animal abandonment!

Onward indeed! We have many wonderful things coming up, including a new campaign in March. Our last campaign raised $3200, and then, when I used my birthday as an excuse for even more donations, we raised an additional $1800, bringing the grand total to a cool $5000 for the SFSPCA. Amazing! There aren’t enough exclamation marks in the world to express my excitement and gratitude. xo

DIY Ideas For Spoiled Kitties (& You!)

Bust out those glue guns, drills and puffy paints cause I’ve got some more DIY projects for you, clockwise from the left…

My boyfriend thinks this cat rocket ship is damn cute, but if he knew it was a Tintin cat rocket ship(!!), I don’t think he’d let me go without making it. (via Apartment Therapy)

Kitty loafers!… nuff said. Project by P.S I Made This

I’ve always wanted a cat tree for my cat Bug, who loves climbing, but I’m not crazy about the carpet or color options.  This DIY cat tree  is made is made from a set of old drawers- love that it’s recycled, stylish, and still perfect for the kitties. (via Shak in Style)

Let us know if you give these a try. We wanna see pics!

Happy crafting!

Catstagram Of The Week

Meet Hubble, Kate of Scathingly Brillant‘s newest super cute, lazy bones adopted kitten and our favorite catstagram of the week…

Spoil Your Cat (and Yourself!) for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, apparently. I don’t actually take much notice of this holiday — I’m married, I just…don’t care? I really only pay attention because it’s my father’s birthday. That said, I do love any excuse to buy things for my cats or things related to cats, so why not use this as one? Read More