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How Cats And (My New Obsession) Pinterest Meet

I’m a bit of a social-media nerd — it’s my job, in fact. That’s why I tend to be an early adopter for new networks, and I manage profiles on several at a time. My latest social-media obsession is Pinterest, a fast-growing site that’s based on sharing images. It’s a great way to discover on the web — just pick a topic and go!

So what have I chosen for you to discover today? Cats, of course.

I have my own Pinterest board dedicated to cats; I come across so many cute photos online, and it’s nice to have somewhere to both share and save them. Just typing “cats” into the Pinterest search brings up many, many boards with that name, all filled with adorableness. I think I repinned a few dozen photos just looking for some for this post.

There you go: A new way to waste time at work. Speaking of which, I track the links I post on Facebook and Twitter on my account, and don’t let people make fun of you for posting a lot of kitten videos on your wall. They click on that stuff every time.

One Response to “How Cats And (My New Obsession) Pinterest Meet”
  1. awesome! two of my favorite things — the teal cat project and pinterest, in one place. i have a cat board too:

    hmmm, methinks i need to photograph my own teal cat and pin it! off to do exactly that.

    thanks for all you do to help teh kitties!


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