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Cat FAQ: Tips For While You’re Away

Hi everyone! “Cat FAQ” is a segment where the Teal Cat Community can answer all of your pressing catiquette questions. The first question is about my two cats, Bug & Banjo. Dear Teal Cat, I feel so guilty when I leave my cats alone when I go on vacation. Since my family lives on the opposite coast as me I travel throughout the year.  A nice neighbor will feed them twice a day and spend some time with them. I was wondering besides... Read More

DIY Ideas For Spoiled Kitties

Our cats are spoiled, spoiled beasts- and we love ’em. Here are a few more ways to spoil them with these killer diy cat projects… 1. Vintage cabinet into the perfect Cat Hutch from Recaptured Charm  –   I want to make one of these to hide our cat boxes and even have something nice to add to the house with some storage. Find the full DIY here.  2. Victorian Parlor Bed from a vintage suitcase-  Those fancy framed pictures kill... Read More

How to Get Your Cat to Scratch Something That’s Not Worth Hundreds of Dollars

From Suck UK There are a few reasons why cats have that need to scratch. For starters, it’s a way for them to mark their territory — cats have scent pads on their paws, and they leave their smell behind when they scratch. Scratching also just makes your cats happy — it gives them an awesome stretch and works their muscles. It’s kitty calisthenics! When you’re picking out a post for your cat, think gritty over pretty,... Read More