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New Aprons And Plushies Are In!

Teal Cat Aprons

There are some new friends and old favorites in the Teal Cat Project store! First up, Teal Cat Plushies are back. Teal Cat Plush Dolls are about 12 inches tall, made from recycled fabrics and handsewn by Panda With Cookie. While each doll is unique, they all have an adorable teal bowtie so that you […]

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The Summer Teal Cat Campaign is here! For Omaha, Nebraska!

Teal Cats

The new litter is here, and they’re ready for the heat, wearing nothing but a tag and a little sunny, summer charm. For campaign number five, we’re helping one of our favorite kitty rescue groups, TCP headquarters, Omaha, Nebraska! Money raised will go to Feline Friendz, an amazing organization that works tirelessly for the kitty […]

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Litter Number Four Is Here: Spring Edition!

UPDATE: We are sold out, thanks for your support! New campaign to come in May! The new litter is here, and they’re all dressed up for Spring! This time, the kitties are wearing a colorful heart or butterfly on their tags, so they will make an extra special gift (for Mother’s Day, maybe?) or just […]

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