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Welcome to The Teal Cat Project

Thank you for showing up!

This idea started out as a puddle in my mind, just kind of splashing around with all the other puddles that pool up in there. But as more and more people got involved, the energy grew and all that splashing turned into something more. A mermaid, maybe? The kitty tchotchkes started rolling in from all over the world, our paint colors were chosen, and the illustrious Anna Dorfman of Door Sixteen signed on for design. This couldn’t fail, and soon, our teal cats began to rise, quite literally, from the dust.

So thank you to everyone who has been a part of this so far:

My partner-in-crime Denise, without whom’s knowledge of spray paint, Omaha thrift stores and red string, this would have beem impossible to pull off.

Of course, Anna Dorfman, who has created all the beautiful imagery seen here on the site. It’s because of her attention to detail that the kitties look as stylish as they do. Would I have ever thought to turn the square tags into a diamond all on my own? Probably not.

Bust Magazine, who is giving us our very first media exposure in their Fall issue.

Everyone from everywhere who sent us tchotchkes, even without knowing what a tchotchke was, and knowing how we would use them. I hope that you’re pleased with the result!

My boyfriend, John, for picking up kitty cat deliveries, dealing with the dust and packing peanuts, and for loving cats as much as I do. Sometimes, I think, even more. I am constantly inspired to do more for animals thanks to you.

So please have a look around! Get yourself a cat, and help to spread the word. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and let’s make these kitties purr!

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  1. Cree says:

    What a neat idea for a good cause! Shame I missed the sale. I’ll keep an eye out for vintage cats in the future.

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