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DIY Ideas For Spoiled Kitties (& You!)

Bust out those glue guns, drills and puffy paints cause I’ve got some more DIY projects for you, clockwise from the left… My boyfriend thinks this cat rocket ship is damn cute, but if he knew it was a Tintin cat rocket ship(!!), I don’t think he’d let me go without making it. (via Apartment Therapy) Kitty […]

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DIY Ideas For Spoiled Kitties

Our cats are spoiled, spoiled beasts- and we love ‘em. Here are a few more ways to spoil them with these killer diy cat projects… 1. Vintage cabinet into the perfect Cat Hutch from Recaptured Charm  -   I want to make one of these to hide our cat boxes and even have something nice to […]

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Teal Cat Plush Dolls Are Here!

With the ceramic cats from our first campaign finally out the door, we are offering these sweet and soft dolls to hold you over. Teal Cat Plush Dolls are about 12 inches tall, made from recycled fabrics and handsewn by Panda With Cookie. While each doll is unique, they all have an adorable teal bowtie […]

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Cat Portraits by Heidi Blakeslee

"Oscar" (on a teal background, natch!)

One day in my Facebook feed, amongst the usual photos of weddings, sonograms, and home before-and-after shots, I noticed something different: sleek, stylized images of cats and dogs, from an old college friend of mine. This friend has always enjoyed creative pursuits, and I had been keeping up with her poetry readings and collage work […]

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Hand-Stamped Cat Tights DIY

Hi again!  I have been interested in hand-stamping clothing for a little while now–ok, I have been OBSESSED!  This Hand-Stamped DIY is following a few adventures in fabric painting on PaperSparrow.  My first project was the Felicity Fox dress and shortly after followed a D&G {inspired} Stars Dress.  Since Autumn is in the air, colorful […]

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Beyond Stuffed Mice: Toys For The Discerning Cat

TBM Spayer tape

You know the old adage about children playing with the box a toy comes in more than the toy itself? In my experience, cats are the same way. The real toys I buy my cats have been batted away to some far-off corner in the basement, while stray bits of ribbon and felt stay in heavy […]

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Cat Shoes DIY {inspired by} Charlotte Olympia

Hi guys, this is Andrea from PaperSparrow!  As you may know,  I am a smitten kitten when it comes to cute cat fashion.  Who isn’t, right?  That being said, the price tag on these uhh-mazing items would inspire any DIY-er to get out the needle and thread and get to work.  Here is a shoe […]

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DIY Embroidered Buttons!

Meet Meowmy, the cutest cat around! Stitch him up, and sew crafty cat lady buttons to your sweater or use a safety pin to pin him anywhere. Materials you’ll need: Template printout Medium Weight Fabric Water-soluble Pen Scissors Embroidery Hoop Maxant 7/8 inch (2.2 cm) Buttons to Cover Needle & Thread 1. Print out the […]

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Why Don’t You Leave Them As They Are?

This question has come up again and again. “Don’t paint the cat, it’s cute as is!” While it’s understandable, it’s also a bit frustrating, but perhaps if the website isn’t explaining it well enough, I should just go ahead and answer it. My first thought is, sometimes you just have to let go. Growing up […]

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